What's New in the ProSchool v2.06 Update

Due to customer feedback and input from the people we have talked to, this release adds a few of the requested features and improvements.  We also squashed a bug or two along the way.  Enjoy!

These features were added in the 2.0a update:

  • Modified the Registration Charge calculation to fix a bug that could cause it to multiple charge a client if they have more then 1 student enrolled and at least 1 is enrolled in more than 1 class.
  • Modified the Backup/Restore function to show the elapsed and remaining time better. It now always shows "x Hours, x Minutes, x Seconds"
  • Modified the Backup and restore function to never backup or restore ".LCK" files.
  • Modified the Pay Entry screen to fix a bug that would allow the user to adjust the amount applied beyond the amount that can be applied to a charge.
  • Modified the Roll Sheet Report to fix a problem with page breaks when printing multiple classes.
  • Modified the Print Preview screen to respond to the keyboard for navigating through the pages.
    The keys do the following functions:
        Home: go to top of current page
        Ctrl-Home: go to first page
        End: go to bottom of current page
        Ctrl-End: go to last page
        PgUp: scroll current page up full screen
        Ctrl-PgUp: go to previous page
        PgDn: scroll current page down full screen
        Ctrl-PgDn: go to next page
        Up: scroll current page up small amount
        Down: scroll current page down small amount
        Left: scroll current page left small amount
        Ctrl-Left: scroll current page to left edge
        Right: scroll current page right small amount
        Ctrl-Right: scroll current page to right edge
  • Fixed a bug on the Students screen on the Custom Flags tab where all the date fields were linked to the Flag1 Date instead of dates 1-4.
  • Modified the Client Summary report to have Active Status and Enrollment Criteria options like the Student Summary report.
  • Fixed a bug on the Drop Detail report that would cause an error if the user chose to sort the report by Location.
  • Added the option to print labels to the Class Summary and Drop Detail reports. The Class Summary labels print the Class Code and the Class Name where the Drop Detail labels print the students name and address.
  • Modified the Backup/Restore function to remember the location of the last archive used.

These features were added in the 2.0b update:

  • Fixed a bug in the Income/Billing report where is wasn't printing any payment information if the report was printed from the preview screen.
  • Modified the Client Comments screen to allow the user to make the window wider in addition to taller. This was to fix a problem where scrollbars were being shown when the contents of the window would not fit into the predefined maximum width of the window.
  • Added the option to print Student/Class detail info on the Category Summary report.
  • Modified the Payment Entry screen to default the payment date for new payments to the date of the last newly entered payment since Payment Entry screen was displayed.
  • Modified the Drop Summary report to fix a bug that wasn't computing the percentage values or the monthly totals.
  • Modified the Client Search function so that it will use a user specified default field to search by.
  • Modified the Configuration screen to allow the user to specify the field to search by on the Client Search screen. The settings are stored in the Registry.
  • All screens that utilize the Client Search screen will use the user specified default except the Charge Entry and Payment Entry screens. These forcibly switch to search by Clients Last Name if the default search is on a student field otherwise it uses the default.
  • Modified the Client Search screen to also allow the user to use the Up, Down, PgUp, PgDn, Home, End keys to navigate the records listed on the grid even if the focus is not on the grid.
  • Modified the Billing Based Charges screen to allow the user to base new charges on the clients "adjusted" balance in addition to their normal balance. The adjusted balance figures in the account credit when computing the balance.
  • Added a new option to allow the user to apply any outstanding account credit to any existing unpaid charges. Any outstanding account credit for any client will be applied to any unpaid charge from oldest to newest until the account credit runs out or there are no more unpaid charges.
  • Modified the Payment Entry option on the Billing menu to be a submenu with the choices of "Manual" and "Apply Account Credit".
  • Modified the Security options on the Configuration screen to allow the user to set security for applying account credits.
  • Modified the Aged Account Balance report options to have the balance periods be 31-60, 61-90, 91-120, 121+ instead of 31+, 61+, 91+, 121+. The reason for this is that the 31+ period would also include the 61+ period also since the ending date was open ended. This new way there is a definite period.
  • Modified the Client Statement report options to have the balance periods be 31-60, 61-90, 91-120, 121+ instead of 31+, 61+, 91+, 121+. The reason for this is that the 31+ period would also include the 61+ period also since the ending date was open ended. This new way there is a definite period.
  • Modified the Client Statement report to include the Charge Date for each charge listed.
  • Modified the Client Statement report options to have an option for the user to be able to choose a specific category for determining balance criteria. Ex: This would allow the user to print statements for clients that owe for a particular category.

These features were added in the 2.0c update:

  • Modified the Client Statement report to handle the printing the graphic borders or not on the new date fields.
  • Modified the Configuration screen to give the user the option of setting the default search by field when searching for Clients as well as Students.
  • Modified the Registration Charge screen to fix a bug that wasn't correctly calculating the date range. If you used the same starting and ending "day", only students registered on that "day" would be charged. e.g. Start=01/01 End=03/01 would cause only those students who registered on the first of Jan, Feb, or Mar to be charged.
  • Modified Main to set the ShortDateFormat to m/d/yyyy and to set the TwoDigitYearCentruryWindow to 50 years and to not allow changes made to the regional settings while the program is running to be dynamically updated.
  • Modified the Student List and Class List screens to fix a bug where the student's enrollment comment would be lost when a student was transferred from one class to another. This bug did not affect the Transfer All option.
  • Fixed a problem where the list of clients would revert to being sorted by client ID even though the list was supposed to be sorted by Last Name.
  • Modified the database structure of the COMMENTS.DB and STATMEMO.DB to use regular memo fields instead of formatted memo fields for the RichText data. This is to solve a problem where an error is indicated by table verify utility when none actually existed. The Client Comments and Client Statement screens and reports were modified to support the new field type.
  • Created a new utility called PSCHDBINIT.EXE that will perform database initialization. This process will completely rebuild all indexes, referential integrity, and auxiliary files as well as complete regenerate the master table structure from scratch. All existing data is maintained. The field types for the Comments and Statement Memos are also converted from Formatted Memos to Regular Memos during this process. This program can run as often as needed to regenerate missing or corrupted indexes, referential integrity, or auxiliary files.

These features were added in the 2.0d update:

  • Modified the Enroll Classes function to allow a student to be enrolled into multiple classes at once. The user can now select multiple classes to enroll the student into. The same validation checks like min/max age requirements and class full are still performed for every class selected. The user is not given the opportunity to override teacher codes, tuition codes, or enter comments for each class. The defaults that are derived from the classes being enrolled are used.
  • Modified the Drop Detail report options to allow the user to filter the report based on values stored in the drop database like, Class Code, Teacher/Manager Code, Tuition, Level, Type, Location, etc.
  • Modified the Label component to force the brush color to White when drawing text for the labels. This is to fix a weird problem where the label text would print totally black sometimes. Does not work in all cases. Sometimes a printer driver re-install is required.
  • Modified the Main Toolbar to close any open forms before running the Index Check, Table Verify, Backup/Restore, or Exit functions. This eliminates the need for the user to do it on their own as well as fixes an issue where unsaved changes could be lost when the form is forcibly closed by exiting the program. If there is any unsaved changes when the form is closed, the user will be prompted to save or cancel the changes.
  • Modified the Drop History screen to use a query instead of a table to fix a problem with drop data not appearing due to out of date indexes. This method does not rely on the index.
  • Modified the Student, Client and Client/Student Search screens to highlight the active (enrolled) Clients/Students in yellow.
  • Modified the Automatic Charge calculation to allow the user to specify the charge date of the new charges. The default is the current date.
  • Modified the Payment Receipts Log report to allow for a date range to be entered when printing past logs. All payments that were posted between the dates specified will print as one log.

These features were added in the 2.0e update:

  • Modified the Tuition Code screen to fix a bug where the rate code drop down field was not properly being enabled/disabled based on the tuition type selected.
  • Modified the Payment Entry screen to add a button to print a receipt page for the payment.
  • Modified the Clients screen so that if the user enters a new city and chooses not to create a new city record, it does not revert the city value back to the last found value. Instead it keeps the city value entered and does not create a city code record.

These features were added in the 2.06 update:

  • Fixed the word "Shapshot" to be "Snapshot" on the menu and Snapshot maintenance screens.
  • Changed the revision style to numbers instead of letters so starting with this release it will be 2.06 instead of 2.0f.
  • Fixed a bug in the Pick Class screen that was allowing the user to be able to click OK with no class selected. This would give an "Invalid variant type conversion" error. In the case where a class transfer was taking place, this could cause an invalid enrollment record to be created thus making the student appear to be enrolled in more classes than they actually were.
  • Fixed an issue with the Account Payment & Charge Summary that was causing it to print blank pages in between each data page.
  • Modified the Receipt on the Pay Entry screen to fix an issue that sometimes would cause the receipt to print entirely black.
  • Modified all mailing label reports to print the PostNet barcode at the top of the label instead of the bottom. This was changed to comply with the "recommended" USPS positioning of the barcode.
  • Modified QuickReport to hopefully fix the AV's generated by some printer drivers. We'll see...
  • Modified QuickReport to change the way the margins are initialized to correct an issue with some landscape reports cropping off the left edge of the report.
  • Modified the Backup/Restore utility to fix an issue where the temporary restore folder was not being deleted after a restore operation. The folder name was like "Restxxxxxx". It should now be deleted properly.
  • Modified the Configuration screen to have a new preferences option for the shading level for background shading on reports. The value set here will adjust the darkness of the shading to that it can be adjusted according to the printer. All reports that have background shading will now use this value.
  • Modified all screen that have zip code fields and replaced them with a field that does not force a 99999-9999 format. This allows for a more free-form zip/postal code to be entered.
  • Added an option on the Configuration screen to not print the PostNet barcode on labels.
  • Modified all the reports that print labels to check to see if the PostNet barcode should be printed.

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