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ProSchool 3.0 is an intuitive, easy-to-use Windows-based class management software solution for sports, skills and trades teaching environments. It is also powerful; the number of Clients, Students and classes are limited only by the computer on which ProSchool is used.

ProSchool is flexible as well. It can be configured for a variety of non-graded training environments and can accommodate group classes and individual one-on-one lessons simultaneously—and that’s just the start.

Parameters such as class size, days-of-the-week offered, gender (male/female/coed), age range of students and more are completely variable. Waiting lists for over-enrolled classes can be monitored. Just about any relevant parameter can be established or changed independently of others to suit the user in a wide range of environments.

ProSchool’s powerful tracking, billing and report generating tools keep any training endeavor on track and organized. With a minimum of maintenance input, you’re only a few clicks away from knowing who’s enrolled, what classes they’re enrolled in, when those classes are held, what a client’s account status is and much more.

Tuition periods can be configured by month, week, day or session—and you can establish as many different tuition levels as you like. Tuition discounts can be configured based on number of classes taken, "similar" classes taken (any classes with the same tuition code), number of hours enrolled, multiple students enrolled by a single client, sibling enrollments, and so on.

Numerous report titles keep you current and well informed. For example, Class Summary reports alone are available in seven different styles (by Code, Level, Location, Manager, Teacher, Tuition, and Type). Numerous other reports detail the status of your client accounts (charge, billing, payment, aging), in addition to drops, referrals and much more. With ProSchool, there is no guessing where you are—you’ll know in less time with more detail!

Perhaps most importantly, ProSchool mixes all these variables—as many as you like—without boxing you in to a given set of parameters for your school. Even the screen size of each window you use—and resize—is remembered to maintain a consistent user interface from one session to the next. To say that ProSchool is highly configurable to your school’s needs is an understatement!

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