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ProScore is the ultimate in gymnastics meet management and scoring software on the market today. ProScore will keep track of all meet information, maintain complete information on each gymnast, and track each gym that will be attending your meet. ProScore allows you to build a complete database of gyms that you can use to generate mailing labels for invitations or meet announcements.

ProScore allows you to setup your session schedules by identifying session dates, warm-up times, and march-in times. You can even record the judges that are assigned to the meet and which events they are judging. You can assign groups of gymnasts to particular sessions/squads to help you balance your rotations and session sizes.

ProScore will also track all meet finances including meet fees due and paid, judge's expenses, admission income, and snack bar income just to name a few, or you can create your own categories to track. You can create a meet budget and then produce financial statements, proposed budgets, and budget comparisons. You'll never wonder how much you made or lost on a meet again.

ProScore supports an unlimited number of gymnasts, gyms, team designations, judges and sessions. ProScore comes pre-configured for Women and Men’s events but you can define your own events for use in other types of competitions. ProScore also allows you to configure your own age divisions or turn age divisions off completely.

ProScore can also eliminate the need for runners and flashers by using ProScore’s automated score flashing displays and judge’s entry keypads. The scoreboards are a 12-character by 2-line display that display’s the competitors number, name and score. One scoreboard is used for each event. The judge’s entry keypads are hand-held devices that the judges use to enter scores for each competitor. The scores are transmitted to the host computer where they are stored and flashed electronically.

  ProScore now has the ability to use iPads to enter scores electronically and wirelessly by using our new ProScore iKeypad app available in the Apple App Store.  Check out our iKeypad page or more information.

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